ITIL 4 is coming soon (updated Sept 25, 2018)

Some Key Messages from Axelos:

The Value of ITIL 4

  • We are in a time of unprecedented change, known as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’. It is characterised by the digital transformation of our world and the unavoidable interaction between humans, digital technologies and physical assets. It is an increasingly fast paced and complex environment, requiring organizations to be more agile, better equipped to adapt what they do and ready to adopt new ways of working to succeed. ITIL 4, through its framework, helps organizations to connect and align these different challenges that are relevant not only to ITSM professionals, but also by a wider range of professionals working in the digital world.
  • ITIL 4 expands previous versions by providing a practical and flexible basis to support organizations on their journey to the new world of digital transformation. It provides an end-to-end IT/digital operating model for the delivery and operation of tech-enabled products and services and enables IT teams to continue to play a crucial role in wider business strategy.
  • ITIL 4 supports the existing investment that people and organizations have made into ITIL, as it is an expansion on the existing framework. That investment is protected because ITIL 4 provides a practical and flexible transition that helps organizations adopt the new ways of working brought by the modern digital world.

About ITIL 4

  • ITIL 4 will help businesses navigate the new technological era, commonly known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The speed of current breakthroughs is disrupting almost every industry on a global scale. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is marked by emerging technology in fields including robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, The Internet of Things (IoT), 3D printing, autonomous vehicles and much more.
  • ITIL 4 will provide a practical and flexible basis to support organizations on their journey into the new world of digital transformation by helping them align their human, digital and physical resources to compete within the modern complex landscape and adopt this emerging technologies into their IT operations.
  • The context of ITIL, with the release of ITIL 4 is now much bigger, with an emphasis on the business and technology world, how it works today, and how it will work in the future with Agile, DevOps and digital transformation.
    ITIL 4 will be much more relevant to developers, practitioners and businesses as a whole through promoting a holistic view of delivering products and services.
  • Right from Foundation level, ITIL 4 will emphasise the importance of collaboration, transparency, automating where possible, and working holistically.
  • ITIL 4 retains many of the core elements that makes ITIL so valuable to individuals and organizations today. Change is a constant state and organizations are struggling to navigate it. ITIL 4 is best practice that supports organizations in navigating this ongoing change.
  • ITIL 4 is the next iteration that incorporates all of the best things from ITIL as it is known today and expands IT and service operations to a new level. Moving from traditional process lead delivery, ITIL 4 supports faster, quality and value driven delivery for people and organizations.

What about my ITIL V3 Certifications

  • Axelos hasn’t released a great deal of information about this yet but we do know that ITIL V3 knowledge is still as applicable as it ever was and is enabling value in organizations around the globe.
  • We have been told by Axelos that ITIL 4 builds on the V3 body of knowledge and will recognize the V3 skills and competencies.
  • Axelos is currently working on a release of information as to how the V3 certifications will be recognized in  ITIL 4. What we do know so far, is that there will be a bridging course for ITIL Experts and for those that have 17 credits in the V3 scheme.
  • For many who are on the ITIL V3 Expert Certification path, it sounds like it would make sense to continue with their V3 intermediate certification courses and then bridge over to the ITIL4 equivalent of ITIL Expert once they have the 17 credits (to be confirmed during the next Axelos update)
  • Stay tuned  – we will update this page as more information becomes available.