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The Cobit 5 Assessor course is a 5 session course that immerses the students in the principles of performing and interpreting Cobit 5 assessments.

This course is delivered in a 5 Half Day Instructor Led Online format.

The Cobit 5 Assessment Programme is a Cobit-based approach that enables the evaluation of selected IT processes. The assessment results provide a determination of process capability and can be used for process improvement, delivering value to the business, measuring the achievement of current or projected business goals, benchmarking, consistent reporting and organizational compliance.

The Assessor training and certification is a ‘Practitioner-Level training and certification course’ that focuses on ‘how’ to apply the Process Assessment Model (PAM) and ‘how’ to analyse the results.

Target Audience

  • Internal & external auditors who want to add process capability assessments to the scope of their audits and need to demonstrate the requirement of ‘independence’ in performing an assessment.
  • IT auditors who want to add process capability assessments to the scope of their audits and need to demonstrate the requirement of ‘independence’ in performing an assessment.
  • Consultants who want to be allowed to perform independent process assessments on behalf of their clients.


It is a mandatory requirement for all candidates to have passed the Cobit 5 Foundation exam prior to applying for and attending this training and certification course.


Upon the successful completion of this training course, candidates will know:

  • How to perform a process capability assessment using the Assessor Guide: using Cobit 5
  • How to apply the Process Assessment Model (PAM) in performing a process capability assessment. Specifically:
      • To use the Process Reference Model (PRM), in particular to be able to apply the 37 processes outlined in the PRM
      • To apply and analyse the measurement model in assessing process capability levels.
      • To apply and analyse the capability dimension using generic criteria outlined in the PAM
  • Be able to identify and assess the roles and responsibilities in the process capability assessment process
  • Be able to perform and assess the 7 steps outlined in the Assessor Guide specifically how to:
    1. Initiate a process assessment
    2. Scope an assessment, using the tools provided and the PAM for the selection of the appropriate processes
    3. Plan & Brief the teams
    4. Collect the data
    5. Validate the data
    6. Do a process attribute rating
    7. Report the findings of the assessment

Instruction Method

This course has 15 hours of instruction not including breaks, evening study time and the final exam.

There is a minimum class size of 6 students and a maximum class size of 18 students.

One official sample exam will be provided during the course.

The following link will take you to the official COBIT_5_Assessor_Syllabus_v1.0:

  • The following requirements must be met in order to participate in online training:
    • All online sessions will be delivered through Adobe Connect.
    • Students require access to a fast and reliable internet connection and a headset and microphone. All audio will be run through your computer, Voice-over-IP, as there is no dial-in option for this training.
    • Test your connection here. All of the tests must pass. Your local IT department should be able to assist with installing Flash and the Adobe Connect plug-in if there are any difficulties.
    • All sessions are mandatory.
  • Exam Information

The exam consists of 4 questions worth 20 marks each, giving a maximum of 80 total marks. The exam is scenario based and the duration is 2.5 hours. Students must get 40 (50%) or more of the questions correct to pass the exam. Students will need the “Cobit 5: Assessor Guide” and the “Cobit 5: Process Assessment Model (PAM)” guides to use as a reference source during the exam. No other materials are permitted.

A computer-based certification exam is included with the registration. Students will be provided with an exam voucher that will allow them to take the exam at their convenience through a web-based exam proctor within 30 days of the completion of the course. Students will require access to a webcam and high speed internet connection.

  • Required Materials

    Students are required to download and bring to class various Cobit publications from ISACA’s website. These publications are NOT included in the course and are licensed directly from ISACA. Some publications are free to download with registration. Other Publications have costs, which are reduced, and in some cases eliminated, if you become an ISACA member. Value Shepherd strongly recommend students become a member of ISACA. Required publications are listed below and can be downloaded from the ISACA website.

    Cobit 5: Assessor Guide: Using Cobit 5
    ISBN: 9781604202656

    Process Assessment Model (PAM): Using Cobit 5
    ISBN: 9781604202649

    Cobit 5: Enabling Processes
    ISBN: 9781604202410

    Cobit 5: A Business Framework for the Governance and Management of Enterprise IT
    ISBN: 9781604202373

    VALUE SHEPHERD is accredited by ISACA (through PeopleCert) to deliver this course.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-833-VALUEIT (1-833-825-8348)


    COBIT® is a Registered Trade Mark of ISACA®


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