Standing Up Your BRM Program

Establish and Improve

The “Standing Up Your BRM Program” service provides tailored guidance and strategic support to organizations looking to establish or enhance their Business Relationship Management (BRM) capabilities.

Establishing a robust Business Relationship Management (BRM) program is essential for fostering collaboration, aligning business objectives with provider strategies, and driving value across your organization. Our comprehensive approach to “Standing Up Your BRM Program” encompasses five key phases:


  1. Statement of Work / Proposal: We begin by gaining a deep understanding of your organization's goals, challenges, and existing relationships between business units and the provider. Through collaborative discussions, we define the scope and objectives of the BRM program, ensuring alignment with your strategic priorities.


  1. Discovery / Assessment: Our experienced consultants conduct a thorough assessment of your organization's BRM Context (current state of BRM practices, processes, and capabilities). Using formal assessments and less formal analysis of existing workflows, stakeholder engagements, communication channels, and practices we identify gaps, strengths, and opportunities for improvement.


  1. Solutioning: Leveraging our expertise in BRM best practices and frameworks, we collaborate with your team to develop customized solutions that address your specific needs and objectives. Whether it's defining BRM roles and responsibilities, establishing governance structures, or implementing communication strategies, we design a roadmap tailored to your organization's unique context.


  1. Implementation: Execution is key to the success of your BRM program. Our consultants work closely with your team to implement the agreed-upon solutions effectively. From conducting training sessions and workshops to establishing metrics and KPIs, we ensure a smooth transition and adoption of BRM practices across your organization.


  1. Continual Improvement: Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the initial implementation phase. We empower your organization with the knowledge, practices and processes needed to sustain and evolve your BRM capabilities over time. Through ongoing monitoring, feedback loops, and stakeholder engagement, we facilitate a culture of continuous improvement, driving value and alignment between business and provider functions.


With the “Standing Up Your BRM Program” service, you can establish a foundation for effective collaboration, communication, and value delivery between business units and the provider. Let us guide you on the journey to BRM excellence, unlocking opportunities for innovation, growth, and strategic alignment within your organization.

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