Value Shepherd Services

  • Information is not enough!
  • Knowledge is not enough!
  • It takes experience and support to unlock the value of your investments

LEARN     EXPERIENCE     and      DO


Value Shepherd provides a comprehensive suite of educational services (Both certificate courses and non-certificate courses) in :

  • Business Relationship Managment
  • Value Management and Optimization
  • IT Service Management


Value Shepherd provides a variety of simulations and workshops that allow the attendees to experience the “pain” of bad practices and “joy” of good practices. The attendees will learn to spot the bad practices and will design better practices and immediately experience the benefits. These tools are intended to meet undesired culture – HEAD ON!


Attendees of best Practice training and of experiential workshops will come back to the workplace with a sense of purpose. They will have a desire to start doing things differently. Here is where culture takes on the role of change resister.

These attendee will often need coaching and mentoring to help them navigate through this.