BRMP Courses


Note: This is the Legacy BRMP course that is due to be decommissioned in October of 2022. Value Shepherd can still offer this course for organizations  already vested in this content. We have a variety of means to get your team introduced and certified in the new BRMP content. To register in one of our New “Evolved” BRMP sessions. Click here

The Brief Description

The Business Relationship Management Professional® or BRMP® course immerses the student in the principles of Business Relationship Management.

The BRMP training and certification program is intended for Business Relationship Managers, IT Leaders, Business Leaders whose vision is dependent on a high value relationship with IT and anyone else interested in learning best practices around Business Relationship Management.

This course is offered in a variety of formats

  • 3 Full Day Classroom
  • 5 Half Day Instructor Led Online
  • 3 Full Day Instructor Led Online

and is available as both:

  • Public, open enrolment courses held in various locations
  • Closed courses, dedicated to your organization

VALUE SHEPHERD is accredited by the Business Relationship Management Institute (through APMG International) to deliver this course. For more information about the BRM Institute visit the BRM Institutes website at

Please go to to register or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Click here to see course dates and to register for the New Evolved BRMP .