Strategic BRM Navigator

Discover the essential tools and master the key skills needed to excel in Business Relationship Management (BRM) with our comprehensive course. Explore innovative techniques such as Planning for Convergence, Driving Innovation, Shepherding Demand, and Relationship Mapping, while honing crucial BRM skills like Emotional Intelligence for BRMs, Influencing Techniques, Interpreting and using Body Language, Critical Thinking, Motivating Others, Coaching the Uncoachable.

Elevate your effectiveness as a BRM professional and drive strategic value within your organization.

Strategic BRM Navigator, is a journey of professional growth and mastery in Business Relationship Management (BRM). Designed to equip you with a comprehensive toolkit and essential skills, this program delves into two main themes crucial for BRM success.

In the first theme, you'll explore a range of powerful tools and techniques tailored for BRM practitioners. From Mastering the Art of Converged Planning to Fostering a Culture of Innovation with Driving Innovation, you'll learn how to Shepherd Demand effectively and map out complex relationships to drive organizational success.

Complementing this exploration of tools is the second theme focusing on personal development and key BRM skills. Dive deep into the realm of Emotional Intelligence for BRMs, uncovering strategies to navigate interpersonal dynamics with finesse. Discover the art of influencing others through persuasive techniques and decode the nuances of body language to enhance communication effectiveness. Sharpen your critical thinking abilities, learn to motivate others, and acquire the art of coaching even the most resistant individuals.

Through a blend of theoretical insights, practical exercises, and real-world case studies, you'll emerge not only as a proficient user of BRM tools but also as a skilled practitioner capable of fostering meaningful relationships and driving strategic initiatives within your organization. Elevate your effectiveness as a BRM professional and become a catalyst for positive change and innovation.

Duration: 3 Full Days

Cost $1695.00 USD

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